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SH (PE): Mr Ernest Tan

“An Investment in Education pays the Best Interest” – Benjamin Franklin

Mr Ernest Tan graduated from NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, with a Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours). After attaining his degree, he spent two years in the private education industry, conducting workshops for secondary school students in life skills such as character development, leadership and study skills, impacting over 10 000 lives during his time there.   

After 2 years, he realised that the impact made in students was superficial as he would only see the students for a short period. Making the switch to teaching in public service allowed him to realise his dream of sustained impact in children. He graduated from National Institute of Education with a Postgraduate Diploma in Education, with the belief that PE is the best platform to instil values in students. 

Mr Tan is a father to two children, and loves his wife tremendously. In his spare time, he’ll be seen playing with his children, cooking for his family or reading books covering a range of topics. If you happen to be awake at 5am, he’ll be seen exercising at the public fitness corners, attempting to keep fit and healthy for his country and family.