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FAQ for Parents

School Operations

Q: What is the reporting time for school?

A: Students are to report by 7.20 am for the morning assembly.

Q: What is the office hours for the General Office?


Monday to Friday (Term time) : 6.45am to 6pm

Monday to Friday (School holidays) : 8am to 5pm

*The General Office is not opened on weekends.

Q: How do I contact the school vendors i.e. Bookshop, School Bus Operators, Dental Clinic, Student Care Centre?

A: You may find the contact details here.

Contacting Teachers

Q: Where do I find the contacts of the teaching staff?

A: You may find the teacher's contacts under "Our People".

Q: Where do I find the list of Form Teachers?

A: You may find the list of Form Teachers under the tab "For Parents".

Technical Assistance

Q: How do I find technical assistance for the various school digital platforms i.e. Learning portals, Student Intranet?

A: Please contact our ICT Service Help Desk at ICT_Service_Request@plvps.edu.sg.