Bully Free Campaign

During the March holidays, on 17 and 18 March, 9 of our student leaders were selected to participate in the annual 'Bully-Free Campaign' conducted by the Singapore Children's Society.

Over the two-day programme, our student leaders learnt to differentiate between a one-off incident to an actual bully case. Besides knowing the difference, they also discovered that there are four types of bullying (cyberbullying, physical bullying, relational bullying and verbal bullying). This helped the students to categorise the bully into categories to determine what kind of intervention is effective. One key takeaway from the campaign was the three roles of bullying: bystander, victim and bully.

This programme was not just purely educational. Our student leaders were tasked to develop an anti-bullying policy and intervention structure and introduce it to the whole school community. Besides that, they were to run a campaign in school to generate awareness of bullying and to help foster positive friendships within the school community.

At Palm View Primary School, we aim to develop the whole child to be a force for good in the world. We believe that this is a crucial first step to enable our student leaders to be sensitive to bullying, a pertinent issue for many children, and work at being a positive influence to enact a positive changein the direction of goodness for our school and eventually our society.

bully free 1.png

Our bully free ambassadors during recess time

bully free 2.png
Leading the pledge made to create a 'Bully Free Palm View'.