The Leader in Me (TLIM)

Character Curriculum Sub-domain: The Leader in Me (TLIM)

In Palm View, our motto is ‘Inspiring Excellence’. We hope that in everything that our children do, they will do it with excellence. To equip our children to do so, we have adopted The Leader In Me (TLIM), a character development programme by Steven Covey, a famous author of ‘The Habits of Highly Effective People’.  TLIM is therefore a signature initiative for the department under the Character Curriculum sub-domain.

TLIM is a habit-based instruction meant to build self-confidence as well as create a safe and secure school. The habits are used to instill leadership qualities in each and every student regardless of their academic or athletics strengths, or their boldness or shyness.  These habits are also used to encourage students to respect each other for their best qualities, and not mock them for their differences or disadvantages. There are the 7 habits in TLIM. The following illustrates these habits: 
7 Habits picture.png

Through TLIM, we hope to equip our children in Palm View with the habits to lead them from personal excellence in whatever they do to bring about benefits to their family and community; which is public excellence.