Values in Action (VIA)

VIA Sub-domain

Our children need to learn the value of cleaning up, for themselves and others. In Palm View, we do this via our Values in Action Programme, Racks and Rags (RnR). RnR is grounded on the belief that our children should be given every opportunity to learn and apply the value of social responsibility. RnR approaches service through three levels. The first level aims to create awareness in our students on the importance of cleanliness.  The second level creates opportunities for our students to put their values into action by requiring them to clean their own classrooms, assist in the cleanliness of our school canteen as well as designing table-sized reminder messages to be placed on our school canteen tables.  The third level requires our students to be advocates of cleanliness by participation in community clean-up and to advocate for a cleanliness drive at the community level. RnR is the Palm View signature service programme to instil in our children that they can be ‘a force for good in the world’ through simple acts like keeping the school, home and neighbourhood clean. 

Demonstrating Responsibility towards the school

No matter how small, all effort to be responsible count.

VIA4.pngTeamwork will make things better!

    Learning includes acquiring the skills of carrying out our daily chores.

VIA6.pngWe are responsible to keep our school clean.

Community Clean - up: Clean Singapore Trail 2015
It needs man and the machines, heart and our minds to maintain cleanliness.

The effort to learn is the first step towards community cleanliness.

VIA10.pngNo matter how small, litter is litter.

VIA11.pngWe can contribute to our community.

VIA12.pngLet's work together for our community.