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Robotics Club


The Robotics experience in Palm View Primary School seeks to provide a unique, integrated learning platform where through the exposure to Robotics as learning discipline, we hope to cultivate a natural sense of values and dispositions befitting of a 21st Century individual. The learning of the CCA thus goes over and above just the imparting of Robotics literacies, but also embeds values in the teaching of robotics knowledge. On the robotics front, students will gain exposure to some of the common robotics platforms such as Lego MindstormsTM and Moway, as well as programming languages like Scratch. Apart from the weekly CCA sessions, the students will also be given off site learning exposure through Learning Journeys and participation to Cluster and Nationwide competitions.

Learning Outcomes

From the CCA, students will be able to 

  • Gain an understanding to the use of robots and robotics;
  • See the relevance of robots and robotics in our daily lives;
  • Gain an exposure to important values and dispositions of a robotician.


Ms Prsicilla Teng