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Drama Club


Drama club is established in Palm View Primary with a goal to instill passion and commitment to one of the tenants of the performing arts. It strives to achieve the school values of Curious Minds, Caring Hearts and Creative Spirits through the various activities that it has lined up for the students, be in within the CCA allocated time in school as well as out of school. The activities would also introduce skills that are pertinent to young actors and actresses of Palm View Primary. At the same time, it would hone life-long learning skills that would be beneficial for them in preparation for the 21st century.  

Learning Outcomes

In the confines of the CCA, our children will learn how to:

·         Have personal and social awareness

·         Work cooperatively and collaboratively with others

·         Use their bodies and voices to convey meaning

·         Improvise without text as well as with text


Mr Isa