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Educational Technology

Curricular Goals:

The ICT Department adopts a holistic approach towards introducing ICT in education.  We seek to nurture our students into:

1.            Competent and responsible users of ICT

2.            Critical thinkers, effective problem solvers

Our Foci: 


Our students are introduced specific values education and ICT skills at appropriate stages of their education.  The DML programme aims to cultivate positive and responsible 21st century learners through the teaching of baseline knowledge, skills and dispositions (KSD) that are in alignment with MOE’s ICT Masterplan.  The KSD are infused into the curriculum subjects to facilitate consistency and relevance in application.

ICT2.pngTo find out more about MOE's CW curriculum, click on the link here.


The integration of ICT into the curriculum purposefully draws together core components from within or across subject areas to develop a more powerful understanding of key ideas and concepts.  ICT connects components of the curriculum and enables it to be delivered meaningfully and effectively to the students.

Examples of ICT integrated programmes for 2015:

E-Learning and Learning Portals

Our students are diverse, tech savvy and tech dependent, impatient multitaskers.  When it comes to learning, their needs extend beyond traditional curriculum.  Learning online has become a norm.  Through online learning, our students get numerous opportunities to produce pupil-directed work, to make choices, and exercise control over appropriate aspects of their learning experiences.


Incidentally, our parents are encouraged to play a part to support and reinforce online learning at home.  Our students will enjoy learning more if they know they have their parents to guide and supervise while they learn online.

The SBC represents our relentless effort to improve the quality of education for our students.  Teachers from different levels or departments come together to interpret and adapt existing curriculum to develop programmes and learning strategies targeted at responds to our students’ educational needs and interests.

Examples of School Based Curriculum in 2016:

Radio Drama

Missed the days when we crowd around the radio to find out how the latest drama unfolds?  Radio drama is back!  A joint programme helmed by the ICT and language departments, listen to our students bring drama back into our homes again.  Just like the way they did in the early 70s and 80s.  Login to our radio station fortnightly and be captivated by our young drama artists online.

Framework 4.png

Learning On The Move (LOTM)

Join our latest ICT-Science programme and take experiential learning to the next level!  We will be travelling around our beautiful island and learn Science the way it should be – on the move!  Textbooks and lab experiments are simply not enough.  Our students will be bringing their tablets and microscopes into nature and unravel the mysteries of science themselves.  Watch out for our next trip to Fort Canning.  The following are just a glimpse of what discoveries we are going to find there!

Framework 5.jpgFramework 6.jpg
Framework 7.jpgFramework 8.jpg