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About Us 

Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.  ~ Albert Einstein

Our School Focus
Palm View Primary School’s vision is ‘Inspiring Excellence’. Encapsulated within this vision statement is the strong belief in and commitment to inspiring staff and pupils towards the pursuit of educational excellence. The school strives to achieve excellence in the following areas:

Character & Citizenship
Character and citizenship will form the foundation of children’s educational experience and will take a spiral approach, expanding from self to the world. Before children can learn, they need to feel secured and cared for. Values Education will first focus on pupils’ well-being through the provision of a safe and caring environment to support self-management / mastery towards the development of positive relationships with others. Structured programmes to drive civic literacy and global awareness will be put in place to imbue in children the sense of pride in Singapore and the appreciation of their place in the world.

21st Century Literacies
Our children will need to learn differently from the way their parents learnt. This century will require skills and competencies that are fundamentally different and will require schools to rethink its approach towards curriculum, pedagogy and assessment. At Palm View, we intend to build a strong foundation of learning in equipping our children in the following literacies:
  • Language & Information literacy
  • Mathematics & Science literacy
  • Aesthetics & Cultural literacy
  • Digital & Media literacy

Teachers at Palm View will endeavour to engage children through a variety of approaches over and above classroom instruction. These may include outdoor learning platforms, learning journeys, camps, overseas immersion programmes service learning platforms. At Palm View, we want our children to be curious and excited about the world around them where discovery and meaning making are hallmarks of their everyday learning experiences.