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Our Campus

School Facilities

The school is a 6-storey building designed with additional infrastructural support in line with PERI for a more holistic education. Learning spaces are built-in to support broad-based and effective learning.  Classrooms are designed and equipped with a rich array of learning resources to cater to a range of learning approaches. The school is equipped with the following facilities to deliver quality programmes to the students:

School Hall

Graffiti Wall

Graffiti Wall.jpg

Indoor Sports Hall


Performing Arts Studio (in Media Resource Library)


School Playground


Outdoor Experiential Learning (OEL) Garden


Media Resource Library

Media Resource Library.jpg

The presence of such infrastructure provides opportunities for more holistic learning, tapping on the affordances of each specially selected facility being built. For instance, the OEL Garden is used for authentic experiential learning across different subjects. For Science, students can head to the garden to gain first-hand exposure to some of the different flora and fauna they learn in the textbooks. For English, students can get to observe specific phenomenon they write about for real, as opposed to merely learning from pictures in the textbook or videos off the internet.