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(HOD ICT): Mr Gene Lim

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Mr. Gene Lim graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree and joined the teaching service in 2000 after graduating with a Postgraduate Diploma in Education from the National Institute of Education.
Gene had spent 11 years teaching pupils of various backgrounds and abilities. He began his teaching career at a neighbourhood school that had originated from the offshore islands.  Majority of the pupils were from less privileged family and they looked up to their teachers and believe that the teacher would set them on the right path in life.
These experiences had greatly shaped Gene’s philosophy on education. Gene believes that a good education closes the gap between pupils of different social economic groups and is a leveller that ensures that every child grows up to have an equal opportunity to succeed in life.  As such, pupils, regardless of their background, deserve the best education that is available.  As a result, Gene developed a keen interest in educational research and curriculum design.

As HOD of ICT in his former school, Gene is a strong advocator for educational technology to be introduced into the school curriculum.  However, for curriculum integration to be successful, it has to be based on theoretical studies and informed through research.  As such, Gene collaborated with NIE LSL to setup the Centre for Educational Research and Application (CERA) in the school, the first of such collaboration in a primary school.  During his tenure as HOD of ICT, the school’s ICT programmes had received various accreditations from MOE.  The school was awarded the following awards: 
  • BackPack.NET School under MOE-Microsoft BackPack.Net programme (2005)
  • TLLM Prototype School under TLLM Prototype Wave 2 programme (2006)
  • LEAD ICT School under LEAD_ICT@Schools programme (2007)
  • PSE School under MOE’s Programme for School-based Excellence for ICT (2007)
  • BackPack.LIVE School under MOE-Microsoft BackPack.LIVE programme (2009)
The school received national and international recognition when it was appointed:
  • North Zone Centre of Excellence (CoE) for ICT (2008)
  • Microsoft Mentor School under Microsoft’s Partners in Learning programme (2010-11)
  • MOE Future School under MOE’s FS@SG programme (2011)
Besides his duties in the school, Gene also served as Chairman of North 4 Cluster ICT Committee (2010-2011) and was a Primary Investigator for various school-based research.  Gene also presented his papers at various local and international conferences:
  • MOE TLLM Seminar (2007)
  • Conference for Research, Pedagogy and Practice (2007)
  • International Conference on Teaching and Learning with Technology (2008, 2010)
  • 3rd Redesigning Pedagogy International Conference (2009)
  • 6th Microsoft Asia Pacific Regional Innovative Education Forum (2009)
  • Inaugural Science Teachers Conference (2010)
  • Global Chinese Conference on Computers in Education (2010)
Gene received the following recognition/awards for his contributions to the education service:
  • Outstanding Youth in Education Award (OYEA) – Finalist in 2001
  • Caring Teacher Award (2002)
  • Outstanding Contribution Award (Individual) – 2004
  • Outstanding Contribution Award (Team) – 2001, 2005
  • NIQC Silver Award (2005)
  • NIQC Gold Award (2007, 2008, 2009)
  • Innergy Award (2009, 2010)