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School Staff Developer: Mrs Desiree Soo

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“To teach is to touch a life forever.”

“In today’s context, knowledge is readily available. To me, the role of the teacher lies not so much in providing knowledge but more so in the touching of lives. Whether it is to mould the children into morally upright characters or to motivate them to fulfil their potential or reach for the stars, the teacher has the privilege to influence the children. It is my wish that the children whom I get to interact with grow and develop into excellent individuals who will become a force for good in the world.”

Mrs Soo had served in two primary schools before joining MOE HQ as an officer with Pre-school Education Branch. Her stint at HQ sparked an interest in early childhood. She was privileged to be awarded the MOE Postgraduate Scholarship to pursue her Master in Education in Early Childhood. Upon completion of her postgraduate studies, she was seconded to the Early Childhood Development Agency under the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF), where she served as an Early Childhood Quality Assessor. During her secondment, she was honoured to receive the MSF Star Service Award together with her team. Mrs Soo is currently the School Staff Developer in Palm View Primary School, where she oversees the professional development and well-being of all staff. 

She is a gym enthusiast and enjoys cooking and baking too. She is happily married and have three lovely children.