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Principal's Message



I believe in children. I believe in children’s potential for learning, creativity and human goodness. I believe that given the right environment and nurturing, every child has the potential for excellence and be a channel for good in this world. As educators, our privilege and joy is to see our children grow into confident, responsible, compassionate individuals and develop the skills that would bear them up well for life. This is also our mission and calling. Through my years as principal, my primary motivation has been to prepare our children to be world ready. The heart of my concerns for children has always been the cultivation of sound values, the development of life skills and competencies and the building of good citizens. Against the backdrop of globalisation with the proliferation of differing and conflicting values, our children will need a moral compass to guide them through the cacophony of voices in order to stay on course. In a land of prosperity and plenty, it is easy for our children to breed self-centredness. At a time when our family structures are increasingly being threatened, our children will need to combat insecurity, cynicism and loneliness. Schools and teachers must provide the sanctuary for grounding character and forging meaningful relationships.

Academic rigour remains important in developing children’s cognition and love for knowledge. Beyond grades and T-scores, good teaching inspires children to ask questions about their world and ignites their curiosity and inquisitive spirits. To these ends, my teachers and I will work hard to build a school culture where learning is exciting and space and time are given to nurture children’s appetite for knowledge and discovery. The use of technology will pervade the curriculum and help develop digital and media literacies in our children. Over and above the emphasis on academic rigour, our school has a larger responsibility to help all children develop to their fullest; to embrace life and discover their place in this world. As a new school built under the new norms for PERI, Palm View Primary School will be implementing the Programme for Active Learning (PAL) as well as embarking on Holistic Assessment (HA) for all our pupils. In addition, the school is committed towards building an enriching co-curricular programme to cater to pupils’ diverse needs and talents. Our children will have opportunities to experience the joys that the Arts and Sports can offer.

The setting up of a new school is a wonderful opportunity for educators, parents and the community to co-create the kind of school we desire for our children. I believe that a strong partnership between schools, family and the community is of paramount importance for educational excellence. As parents, you have a critical role in helping to shape the ethos and culture of the school. When the whole village unites together to provide the best education for our children, their future cannot help but be bright. I invite you to come and co-create Palm View Primary with us!

Mr. Clifford Chua
Palm View Primary School