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Upcoming PSG Events

Breakfast with Dad (For Lower Primary)

Dear Parents,
 We are bringing to the attention of all Lower Primary Fathers of Palm View Primary that we are organising a father and child workshop to encourage wholesome interaction between father and child. This programme, mainly empowering interaction through activities, shall highlight the importance of Fathers’ involvement in the growth of their children. Come, join us for “Breakfast with Dad”

Outline of Programme
Father-child relationship is a significant factor in the emotional and cognitive development of a child. This workshop utilises experiential learning methods to coach fathers to relate with their children. We do this in a way that appeals to their nature of being fun and active partners in parenting. CFF creates an experience that is fun and impactful for both father and child.

** This workshop is strictly for a father and a child only and pre-registration is required **

Please click here for the registration form.