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PAL (Drama and Visual Arts)

The Programme for Active Learning (or PAL) consists of modules of activities in the two broad areas, Sports & Games and Outdoor Education, and Performing Arts and Visual Arts, which are carried out within the curriculum time. 

All PAL modules are designed with the following features to enhance the total experience of students in primary schools in the moral, physical, aesthetics, social and emotional domains of learning for a holistic education.

Experiential in Nature

Encompasses learning in a creative way

Provides opportunities for children to create

Incorporates values education and social-emotional learning

Fun and enjoyable

While the focus is on building up students social -emotional learning competencies, learning outcomes of the respective areas are also fulfilled through the respective modules.

This year, 2020, its scheduled to be conducted in a common time slot with enrichment programmes with students experiencing the full palate of PAL modules supplemented with short enrichment programmes.


The genre chosen by Palm View Primary to implement as PAL-Performing Arts is Drama. It is run as two modules, one for P1 and another for P2.

Across time and cultures, Drama as a performing art is essentially about the study of human behaviour. Thus, Drama lends itself well to PAL’s focus of holistic learning. Choosing PAL-Drama also dovetails with the school’s ALP which is also Drama.

The focus of the 2 modules module is to instil values in students, develop their character and provide opportunities for them to learn more about themselves and others through age-appropriate learning of drama through role-play with the teacher. 

The characters and situations in the drama lessons are relatable to students. Students gain different viewpoints through role-play and develop a sense of empathy in putting themselves in the shoes of others though Drama. The decisions that the characters have to make in the story line, theme and scenarios, present the teachable moments for values.

Frameworks for PAL Drama.jpg

PAL-Visual Arts

Visual Arts is a powerful form of expression and mode of communication. Art education develops visual literacy which enables our children to observe, understand and make meaning of what they see, and communicate through visual expression and design. Therefore, the P1 PAL -Visual Arts module is instrumental in helping students internalise social-emotional learning.

Frameworks for PAL VA.jpg