Global Citizenry

To create an immersive environment for our international students to understand and appreciate the diversity and the uniqueness of the different cultures and heritages of Singapore, the CCE department organised an Integration and Cultural Camp for our international students in Primary 2. The camp aims to provide authentic opportunities for our international students to experience the distinctiveness of the different culture through hands-on activities and courses.

For our international students in Primary 1 and 3, we collaborated with the Mother Tongue Language (MTL) Department to organise cultural appreciation activities during the MTL fortnight.

Our international students also put up a fusion dance performance which showcased the dance from the different cultures during our recent Hari Raya Concert.


Learning how to do a traditional leaf painting

GC2.pngBatik painting for our P2 international students

GC3.pngWe share our culture with our friends through a fusion dance