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Learning Technologies

Curricular Goals:

The ICT Department adopts a holistic approach towards introducing ICT in education.  We seek to nurture our students into:

1.            Competent and responsible users of ICT

2.            Critical thinkers, effective problem solvers


New Media Literacy

All children must be prepared for the 21st Century, and New Media Literacy is an integral part of being a 21st Century Ready Citizen.


New Media Literacies are defined as the competencies to create, connect and curate information in the digital networked environment. Regular engagement in these interactions will enable students to develop an understanding of the social practices (tacit norms and skills) governing the Web and be equipped with the knowledge and skills to navigate and participate productively. At the heart of these interactions are the six core values of the 21st Century Competencies (21CC) framework, that anchor the learning experiences and promote discerning and responsible use of technology.