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Applied Learning Programme

We embrace the belief that Learning through Drama benefits the child’s education and development in areas such as kinaesthetic skills, thinking skills, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, leading to improved self-confidence and the ability to work as a team in cooperative ventures. 

Palm View’s ACT-cellent Education through Drama programme is a powerful pedagogical and creative process that provides a compelling means of exploration, expression and making meaning. Through the drama activities, we enhance the acquisition and development of language skills in our students. It is also an excellent platform for nurturing 21st century competencies in students. 

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Little Theatre

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All P1 & P2 students undergo the Little Theatre programme to enhance and enrich their learning in the English Language. Students experience an intensive programme towards the development of confidence, speaking skills and teamwork. The students showcase their talents to their parents at the end of the programme in the form of a performance. The school has been granted the Applied Learning Programme (ALP) status for its ACT-cellent Education through Drama programme.

Students performing in our annual Little Theatre.jpg
Students performing in our annual Little Theatre Showcase.

To extend the students’ learning in the middle levels, they go on a drama learning journey to watch age-appropriate public performances. This is with the aim of getting the students to better understand and appreciate theatre etiquette, and to expose them to professional drama performances. After the learning journey, students reflect upon their experience and consolidate their learning with their teachers.

Students caught a performance in the National Library.jpg
Students watched the Rainbow Fish performance in the National Library.

Students engaged in an interactive Chinese Drama Performance.jpg
Students engaged in an interactive Chinese Drama Performance.