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Learning for Life Programme

Palm View Challenge (PVC) – A Leader, An Advocate, A Force For Good

Palm View Challenge is a 6-year school-wide programme designed in line with different learning experiences aimed at developing children’s life skills, values and social emotional competencies. Students at each level are challenged to complete different tasks, each carefully designed to develop in them desirable character traits for the 21st century. By the end of our students’ 6-year journey with the school, we aim to provide them with a holistic development in the cognitive, physical, social and moral domains.

Summary of Palm View Challenge activities



Brief description

R3ICH Value(s)


Leadership Focus


Tree-Top Adventure

A personal challenge to conquer their own fear of heights, this experience develops strength in character, courage and tenacity in the face of challenges while supporting their peers. Students reflect on their personal journey and share it with their family and peers.


Resilience and Care

Physical I



Free Learning Space

Students are encouraged to explore topics of their interest and work collaboratively in small teams. They are given time and space to delve deeper, think creatively and ignite their joy of learning, and then share their learning with their peers and the school community through various modes.


Responsibility and Harmony

Cognitive I



Artizenry for a Cause

To impress upon our students how they can contribute to the betterment of society and lives, to be a force for good, students undergo meaning-making of issues using drama strategies, and then, as advocates, work on artworks to raise awareness and funds for a social cause. In this case, the cause is about giving second chances by focusing on the stigma former drug offenders and affected family members experience, through our collaboration with the Yellow Ribbon Project.


Care and Harmony

Social I



Growing Hearts

Working in teams to optimise a plot of land to grow plants that could then be harvested for the benefit of the school and wider community, students demonstrate creativity and stamina to apply environmental and scientific concepts to this endeavour. Incorporating project work skills into the challenge, students choose, plant, nourish and monitor the growth of their vegetables to better understand how food comes onto our tables.


Resilience and Care

Cognitive II

Peer and Community


Experiential Learning through Expedition

An outdoor 7-km hike expedition to Coney Island, students demonstrate their personal tenacity and acquired leadership skills to work in teams to navigate the route, look for issues their community might face, whether environmental or societal in nature, and then work towards a viable solution. Within this experience, students acquire life skills of team work, perseverance and curiosity.


Resilience and Care

Physical II

Personal, Peer and Community


Leaving a Legacy

With the intent of giving back to the community, students are involved in a social enterprise where they take an entrepreneurial approach in identifying and addressing social issues or needs to effect a positive impact on the community. They then raise awareness in the school community to rally for the necessary action. As advocates for the cause, they persuade, market and effect a solution, to actualise the notion of being a force for good in the world. 


Care, Respect and Integrity

Social II

Peer and Community