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Physical Education

Physical Education (P.E.) is a significant part of our students’ experience in Palm View Primary. It is no secret that physical activity is necessary to a child’s well-being. In Palm View Primary, we aim to provide our students with a comprehensive school physical activity program. The result of a quality physical education experience is that all students are provided with the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to lead a physically active lifestyle. 

Our dynamic and comprehensive programme will allow our lower primary students to learn Fundamental Skills and Educational Gym while upper primary students will progress to modified sports and games, swimming and dance to facilitate their motor skills development. Our students will learn beyond the acquisition of skills and understand sports as a social phenomenon. The spirit, principles, values and ideals of Olympics will also be integrated into our P.E. curriculum. 

Summary of Syllabus

P1 & P2 P3 & P4 P5 & P6
Fundamental Movements Fundamental Movements Educational Gymnastics
Educational Gymnastics Educational Gymnastics Dance
Dance Dance Sports & Games
Olympism Games Health & Fitness Management
Health & Fitness Athletics
Swimming Olympism

Instructional Approaches

The programme will be delivered by qualified P.E. teachers. In delivering our syllabus, Palm View uses the Cooperative Learning, Games Concept, Sports Education instructional methods. These approaches are student-centred where the teachers engage students as facilitators. Learning is made authentic, fun and challenging. The following summarises our instructional approach:

  • Teacher is a Facilitator
  • Students are Active Learners
  • Students work in small Groups and play Modified Games
  • Authentic Learning Activities
  • Learning Activities are Interesting and Challenging
  • Students are Held Accountable

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the six years a Palm View primary pupil will have the ability to:

  1. Perform and enjoy a variety of physical activities with understanding.
  2. Develop and maintain physical health and fitness through regular participation in physical activities.
  3. Demonstrate the spirit of fair play, teamwork and sportsmanship.
  4. Understand and apply thinking skills to P.E.
  5. Demonstrate positive self-esteem through body awareness and control.
  6. Acquire safe practices during physical activities

Programmes and Enrichment Curriculum

Beyond the P.E. curriculum, Palm View Primary will also provide platforms and opportunities for students to develop their sporting interests and talents through our after school Sports and Arts Enrichment programme (P1 – P2) and Modular Sports Enrichment (P3 – P6). Students will be exposed to a variety of physical activities either as an extension of what they have learned in P.E. or learning of a new game or sport. 

To further broaden their general knowledge, assembly talks on Healthy Lifestyle, Olympics and Sports will also be conducted for our students. 

Physical Education is an integral part of the Palm View Primary experience. A healthy and physically active child is more likely to be academically motivated, alert, and successful!

SwimSafer Programme

The Primary 3 students will under the SwimSafer Programme. Through the SwimSafer Programme, students will learn swimming proficiency and water survival skills to become more confident when they participate in sports or activities near/in water bodies in the future.