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Student Leadership

In Term 2 of 2015, all our Palm View Primary School Student Leaders underwent The Leadership Challenge training conducted by our very own teachers, to be trained on how to be exemplary leaders in Palm View. The Leadership Challenge aims to equip the student leaders to mobilise the school and each other to achieve extraordinary things. 

Leveraging on the 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership (1. Model The Way; 2. Inspire A Shared Vision; 3. Challenge The Process; 4. Enable Others To Act; 5. Encourage The Heart) as a lifestyle and benchmark on what an exemplary leader looks like, pupils learnt what it looked like to put into practice the 5 practices in their daily lives as pupils and student leaders. 

As our student leaders grow into their roles as the pinnacle leadership group of the school, we expect them to lead the charge in being the voice of the student body, advocating and putting up proposals to create a wholesome and conducive school environment.