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Student Leadership

“As our world becomes more complex and changes at a faster pace, we need to have many more leaders in every sphere and at every level. Leaders who have a clear purpose, who earn our trust and inspire us to contribute our best to improve the lives of those around us. In that way, we can do more together as a team, than working alone.” 

Mr Heng Swee Keat, Minister for Education (2011-2015)

In Palm View Primary School, we would like to develop the whole child to become competent and confident citizens who serve and lead in the world for the fulfillment of self and betterment of others. Our student leadership development is anchored in the following key beliefs: 

a. Every student can be developed as a leader. 

b. Every student should be developed as a leader. 

c. Student Leadership Development needs to be intentional. 

Leveraging on the three broad leadership dimensions, namely personal leadership, peer leadership and community leadership, we reinforce and contribute to their development towards the desired student outcomes articulated by the 21CC framework. 

All students will have opportunities to develop their leadership capabilities. For the individual, they will start off with leading the self in class in a positive manner. Within the class, they are also given opportunities to take up class committee roles, providing them platforms to lead within the class in their various capacities (subjects, environment, VIA etc.) They can also help the various teachers find out the concerns of the students and voice them to the teachers for improvement purposes. 

For the select group of students (Prefects and CCA Leaders), they are provided with training platforms and opportunities to lead within the school or community. 

As our leaders grow into their roles as the pinnacle leadership group of the school, we expect them to lead the charge in being the voice of the student body, advocating and putting up proposals to create a wholesome and conducive school environment. 

Student Leadership 1.jpg
Class committee leaders being trained by one of our teachers.

Student Leadership 4.JPGPrefects taking their oath.