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2019 Booklist

President's Award for Teachers (PAT) 2019


The President's Award for Teachers recognises teachers for their dedication and hard work in developing our young. These teachers must believe in preparing students for life, as well as embody the commitment to continuous learning. In addition, they should inspire their students and act as role models for the teaching fraternity. They should also be reflective practitioners who demonstrate deep pedagogy.
We would like to invite you to nominate our teachers for this award.

These are the ways to nominate:


  • Drop off your completed nomination form in the drop boxes at the side wall outside the General Office by Friday,  11 January 2019 and we will do the submission on your behalf. You may download the nomination form here. 


The nomination is open and will close on Tuesday, 22 January 2019.


For more details about the PAT 2019, please visit 
We look forward to receiving your PAT 2019 Nomination.

Parking Facilities Near School

Dear Parents,

Please refer to the sub-page "Parking Facilities Near School" under the "For Parents" tab to access the information.

You may click here to reach the sub-page..