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School Rules

Schooling is an important milestone in our children’s lives. In school, they not only acquire knowledge and skills, they are also acculturated into a set of socially acceptable behaviour and decorum. School rules serve as an important tool to
inculcate values and help establish in our children clear expectations on how they should relate to teachers and peers within the school community.

General Conduct

  • Exhibit good values.
  • Be courteous and well-mannered at all times.
  • Observe orderliness and self-discipline at all times.
  • Move in an orderly manner when moving along corridors and staircases.

Attendance and Punctuality

  • Children need to take responsibility for their time management and punctuality.
  • Daily attendance is COMPULSORY. Disciplinary action will be taken for late arrival without a valid reason.
  • Time is a valuable resource. Children need to learn the value of time and take responsibility for their time management and punctuality. All students are expected to be punctual for school and school-organised programmes/activities at all times.
  • Students are encouraged to attend the morning silent reading programme commencing at 7.30am to cultivate a good reading habit and self-discipline. Flag-raising ceremony commences at 7.50am. Those arriving after 7.50am will be considered as late-comers.
  • Love for our home country is an important outcome of National Education. The daily flag-raising/lowering ceremony is an opportunity for children to foster a sense of national identity, pride and self-respect. All students are to attend the flag-raising/lowering ceremony. Students who are Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the Pledge. The Pledge is taken with the right fist placed over the heart. Latecomers, as well as parents/visitors who are in the school premises, should stand at attention during the singing of the National Anthem and the taking of the Pledge.
  • The school is responsible for the students’ well-being and ensures that students’ safety is not compromised. Students are allowed to leave the school only with the permission of his/her Teacher/Principal/Vice-Principal and must be accompanied by a parent/guardian if he/she is ill and needs to leave the school.

Leaving School during School Hours

  • Students are not allowed to leave the school during school hours unless there is a valid reason such as illness.
  • To ensure the safety of your child/ward, a pupil who needs to leave school early during school hours must seek permission from his/her Form Teacher/Principal/Vice-Principal and must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. The parent/guardian accompanying the pupil must sign off at the General Office.

Classroom Management

  • Students are to stand and greet the teacher/visitor when the teacher/visitor enters or leaves the class. 
  • Students who are late or absent for a lesson without a valid reason will be subjected to disciplinary action.
  • No pupil is to remain in the classroom during recess.
  • No food and/or drinks are to be consumed in the classroom.
  • No pupil is to leave the classroom without the permission of the teacher.

School Attire and Appearance

  • Children need to learn to take responsibility for their personal grooming. All Students are to be neatly dressed in the prescribed school uniform/outfits at all times and for all school activities. School t-shirts and shorts/skorts are to be worn during PE lessons.
  • Any modification to the uniform is strictly prohibited.
  • Students are to wear white canvas shoes with white full-length socks to school.
  • Socks with sports brand logos and low ankle socks are not permitted.
  • All students are to have neatly-kept hair. No fanciful hairstyle is allowed. 
    • Boys: Hair should be neatly cropped and not touch the eyes, shirt collar or ears. Thickly gelled and spiky hair styles are not allowed. No colouring of hair is allowed. Face should be clean shaven and not to spot beard or moustache. No facial hair is allowed.
    • Girls: Hair at shoulder-length should not touch the blouse collar. Long hair should be neatly tied/plaited. Hair accessories, if used, should be black or dark blue. No colouring of hair is allowed. Girls with fringe below the eyebrows should have their hair neatly and securely pinned up.

General Appearance

  • Students should be neat and tidy at all times.
  • Spectacles should be plain and non-fanciful.
  • Nails must be kept short and clean. Nail polish is not allowed.


  • Valuable jewellery (gold chains, rings, bangles) and/or costume jewellery are not to be worn to school. Earring studs, if any, are only to be worn by girls and should be plain and non-fanciful. Not more than one pair of earring studs should be worn at any one time. Religious articles such as talisman, medallions, and/or prayer beads which are not part of the school uniform should not be worn to school.
  • Technological gadgets such as portable music devices, computer games, and/or any objects which are not necessary requirements of the school lessons and Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) should not be brought to school. In an event of need, a pupil should first seek the consent of his/her teacher before bringing these gadgets to school. The pupil will take responsibility for all his/her personal belongings and ensure that they do not cause disruption during class lessons. Failing to do so will subject the pupil to disciplinary action.
  • Mobile phones should be switched off during lessons. They can be used only for the purpose of communication. Mobile phones are only to be used in the canteen.
  • Eating and drinking should only be confined to the canteen area. No food or beverages should be consumed in any other parts of the school premise unless permitted by the school personnel.