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School Safety

Safety Begins with Me

A good learning experience can only take place when all pupils are in a safe and secure learning environment, and this is one guiding principle that the school lives by. Our school staff are regularly on the ground to ensure that safety is observed at all times, and the school structures are given regular checks and reviews to ensure the safety integrity of the school is not compromised. More crucially, our children are educated to remember that in all instances, 'Safety begins with Me' - reminding themselves that they can manage their own safety when they observe all safety rules.

A Safe Route to School

Safety as a primary concern of ours doesn't just revolve around safety practices in the school, but also what happens outside the school. That is why we also place an immense emphasis on the way the children make their way to school. Read the following circular on the available routes to school and the safety precautions when plying by these routes.

Safe route to school- walking (16 Jan 2015).pdf 

Sports Safety

Besides the daily wellbeing and safety of our pupils, it is also crucial that our children are adequately informed of the necessary safety precautions while playing sports, regardless of it being during their break times or during Physical Education lessons. Our PE teachers and school staff are well - equipped to supervise the children to ensure their safety at all times, and to administer any necessary help if the children require assistance concerning safety issues. For more information on Sports Safety, you may refer to the Singapore Sports Council Sports Safety website for more information.