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Vision, Mission & Core Values

Vision and Mission
Underlying Palm View Primary School’s (PLVPS) vision of “ Curious Minds, Caring Hearts, Creative Spirits” is a belief that children can be inspired towards excellence. As educators, we are guardians of our children’s future and to safeguard what is entrusted to us, it is critical that we channel our educational efforts towards developing the whole child to be 21st century learners so that they can be a force for good in the world. This is our mission and calling.

School Crest

The emblem expresses the aspirations that school leaders of Palm View Primary School bear for the school and consists of a central torch, an open book and a victory laurel crowned with a burning flame.

The torch is a bearer of light and symbolises the school’s belief in the potential of every individual. Each of us is unique and special and possesses the capacity to learn, advance and succeed, all the time being a force for good in this world.  This belief forms the foundation for all educational endeavours and supports the school’s commitment to develop in every child 21st century literacies and competencies, symbolized by the open book. The laurel, often used as a symbol of Olympic victory, expresses the school’s pursuit of educational excellence and its commitment to holistic education.  This is crowned by a burning flame signifying light and truth and expresses the school’s desire to inspire both teachers and students in the hope that they too will become inspirations for others.  The school’s motto, ‘Inspiring Excellence’, is articulated and placed across the central torch.

The colours of orange and green are chosen for this emblem to signify youthfulness, courage and vitality, qualities that the school hopes the students of the school will exude.


In Palm View Primary School, our desire to develop the holistic child to become a force for good in the world embodies itself in 6 core values - the R3ICH values. Unpacking it, we believe that a child that is a force for good in the world has Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Integrity, Care and Harmony, and anchors these values within their internal compass to do good for everyone around them and the world.