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Fostering Creativity, Celebrating Diversity

We believe that the uniqueness of every individual child as the source of originality and creativity. Children’s creations and expressions in the arts, no matter how immature technically, have their own potential for greatness as it is derived from the child’s own unique world-views and experiences of an era different from us adults. This potential for creativity is greatly enhanced when we consider the synergy in the diversity each individual child contributes to the whole. For that reason, we believe that students’ meaningful engagement through the arts both as an individual, as well as part a community of learners, is instrumental for fundamental skills to be honed and 21st Century competencies and outcomes to be fulfilled.

Therefore, as educators in Palm View Primary School, we do not just impart skills and knowledge but draw out this creativity that is in every student through an Arts education, leveraging on the student’s inert curiosity, based on authentic experiences. We acknowledge the student’s uniqueness and celebrate the diversity it brings about; helping the student understand the context of the whole as the school, community, nation and the world and the ways the student can contribute to this whole as a force for good.

In doing so, we fulfill our school’s motto, of ‘Inspiring Excellence’ with the arts curriculum that is constantly evolving and relevant. Aiming to be fun, yet challenging, it involves every student and not just a talented few in relentless betterment; helping students fulfil their potential and make sense of their world.

Department Framework

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Department Key Thrusts

1) Talent development for all (ARTs Instructional and Talent Programme- students)
2) Building Capacity and Appreciation (ARTs Experience, Immersion and Exposure- Staff and Students)
3) ‘Win, Win’ Partnerships and Collaborations 
4)     Impacting the community, the Nation and beyond (ARTs Citizenry Programme-Students)