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The Choir CCA aims to develop students’ potential in singing, performing skills and character development. It strives to instill the school values of Curious Minds, Caring Hearts and Creative Spirits in the members of the choir through musical exposure and experiences provided through various platforms.  

Learning Outcomes

During practice sessions, the members of the choir learn a repertoire of songs, choral techniques and character development under the guidance of their instructor and teachers. 

Choir members perform in various school events and celebrations. Members of the choir are also given the opportunity to attend learning journeys to learn from other professional choirs. 

To continually develop their talents and hone their showmanship skills, there are also external platforms provided such as attending workshops, exchange programmes and participating in joint choir concerts with other schools. 

Through these experiences, choristers develop confidence and continually strive to pursue choral excellence. 


Ms Rebecca Lau