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As the world continues to grip the football fever with the success of major soccer leagues around the world, here at Palm View we also hope to ride on this global interest in soccer to cultivate our children. Not just normal, sports – playing children, but children who become good footballers and Sportsboys/Sportsgirls who possess the necessary knowledge, skills and dispositions to grow holistically while playing soccer.

The core purpose of the Soccer CCA in Palm View Primary School is thus the inculcation of habits of mind through playing soccer as a CCA. Through the developmental and incremental exposure to the different skills, tactics and strategies needed to play a good game of soccer, the children will also get to see how the very mindsets they indulge in on the pitch can apply to their lives outside of soccer and school.  

Learning Outcomes

From the CCA, students will be able to:

·         Learn the fundamental skills, strategies and tactics required to play a basic game of soccer.

·         Gain exposure to the wider footballing world through internal and external competitions, as well as exposure lessons which has foci on the history of football.


Mr Farris