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 Our netball CCA aims to provide an enriching and fulfilling experience for our netball girls in their formative years with us. Through intensive trainings, friendly matches and netball carnivals, we hope to develop and inculcate in each girl a sense of fair play, good sportsmanship and most importantly, the spirit of teamwork.  

Valuing effort, attitude and technique over outcomes, our training programme aims to develop the girls holistically by providing a variety of platforms whereby it can enable them to think independently and express their opinions confidently. 

Learning Outcomes

Netball is a sport that encourages teamwork and trains agility, balance, endurance, speed and resilience. In Palm View, not only do we want the girls to enjoy the sport, we also aim to develop every player to the best of her ability through active participation and good strong foundation of Netball basic skills.
Our paramount aim is to:
promote the game of netball through the teaching of basic netball skills.
provide opportunities for players to compete at a level appropriate to their abilities.
develop each player to their fullest potential.
nurture players with the character anchored on the school’s R3ICH values of Respect, Resilience, Responsibility, Integrity,             Care and Harmony.


Ms Josephine Teow